Residency review

The last episode of Season one! In this episode Louise Blyton interviews Sue Beyer to reflect on her residency in New York.


The residency

Artists I met at Mothership

Wyoming residency
Uni of Wyoming talk

Mini episode - New York so far

A quick chat about the practicalities of visiting New York as an artist in residence

Photos of trip. Lots of art.

Making art and being an educator - An interview with Brandon Gellis 

Today I'm talking with Brandon Gellis. Brandon is an Associate Professor at the University of Wyoming and a new media artist. Brandon's creative practice is deeply rooted in his love of working across digital and analog media to explore and create speculative narratives and aesthetics.

How social media can help you - An interview with Shima Star
Insta: @shimastar_
Twitter: @shimastar_
NFTs on Rarible

Clubhouse -
Download the app and join ‘ART CLUB’ Then follow: Shima Star

The beauty and enigma of light and colour - interview with Debra Ramsay

Debra Ramsay is an abstract artist living and working in NYC. Her work is beautifully subtle.
Minus Space
Yi Gallery
GarveySimon Projects

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Once upon a time - interview with Sue Beyer

This time I'm interviewing myself, just to give you a bit of a background on myself. In this episode I talk about my childhood, how I made a living prior to being an artist, my routine, what interests me and why I make art.

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The very excellent & very rude t-shirt - Talking with Richard Lewer

Some recent exhibitions
Disasters – Hugo Michell Gallery
The Ten Commandments - Hugo Michell Gallery

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Travel, as an artist & exhibiting overseas - Talking with Louise Blyton

Exhibition with Melinda Harper at Queenscliff Gallery
Mar 24 – Apr 25, 2022
Official opening: Sun Mar 27, 2022


NFTs part 2 - Talking with Linda Loh
We're talking to Linda Loh about her art practice and NFTs.
Linda is a multimedia artist working in the digital space and based between Melbourne and New York.

Lots of information in this episode, so make sure you have a pen and paper :-)

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NFTs part 1 - The hype, the bullshit, the reality
In this episode I talk about the basics of NFTs.
What are they? How to make your own NFTs, where and how to sell them. I talk about my own experience with NFTs and I give my opinion on the environmental concerns and the more dubious aspects of being associated with crypto.

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Artist Residencies
In this episode I'm talking about residencies.
What they are, why you might go on residency, how to pay for it and other stuff.

I'm heading to New York in February and can't stop thinking about it, so I decided to talk about it.

No swearing in this one :-) It's a miracle! hahaha

NYC residency

Univeristy of Wyoming

Covid insurance


Bundanon - Arthur Boyd residence

ILIRI - Fowlers gap research station UNSW

list of artist residencies


Introduction to Season 1
Are you an artist who has questions like... How, What, Where, When,
Why I am doing this podcast?
Just a short intro to what Sue Beyer will be talking about every two weeks for the next year on, Being an artist is...

The shirt by Richard Lewer
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